The Perfect Hair Styling Products for Curls & Straight Hair

Did you know that MAE offers the best hair styling products in terms of tools? We have airstylers, multistylers, blow dryers, straighteners and accessories, among others. All hair products for curls and hair products for straight hair. You will find the perfect hair styler to buy at MAE!

Hair styling: what products should I buy?

Hair styling products are items that optimize your own hair. So you have a hair styler for shiny curls, but also a hair styler for straight hair. MAE offers a wide range to provide you with perfect hair styling! Will you go for the airstyler 5 in 1, the airstyler pro, the hair dryer or rather the straightener?

Curls: Which hair products are best?

For the girls with curls among us, MAE offers the best hair styler. The hair dryer comes with a diffuser attachment that defines your natural curls. Even if you do not have natural curls, MAE has a hair styling solution - the airstyler with airwrap attachment ensures the most beautiful, shiny curls!

Hair Styling Airstyler Pro

Shiny, straight hair: Which hair products are best?

MAE offers several hair straighteners for shiny, straight hair. For example, we have a straightener that heats up within 15 seconds. But also other hair products for straight hair - such as the airstyler 5 in 1 or pro variant. With the included straightening brush you can make your hair smooth and shiny in no time!

Hair styling and technology: what suits me?

At MAE, we have a hair straightener for everyone that matches your own hair and your own needs. The straightener is for styling, smoothing and shiny hair. The airstyler 5 in 1 is for anyone starting out with different styles, where the airstyler pro gives you more options. Both the perfect curl and shiny style can be achieved with this. Prefer your natural curl? With our hair dryer styler with included diffuser head you bring more definition and create more volume.

negative ion technology hair dryer

Hair styling and technology: Is it harmful to hair?

There is a rumor that hair styling products are harmful to hair. At MAE, we specialize in minimizing hair damage through negative ion technology and using different heat and air settings instead of heat. It prevents split ends and realizes shiny, silky smooth hair. Create a different look every day without damaging your hair with MAE's hair styling products.

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