The Best 5 in 1 Airstyler Hairdryer Brush Without Heat Damage

Find your new 5 in 1 airstyler hair products from MAE, the heatless blow dry brush for shiny hair and voluminous curls.

Buying the Best Airstyler 5 in 1

Did you know that an airstyler is actually a multistyler? The airstyler from MAE gives a 5 in 1 option through the different attachments for shiny hair and long lasting curls. This makes the MAE Airstyler the best Airstyler!

The Airstyler: What exactly is it?

The MAE Airstyler is a Multistyler for any type of hair. Through airwrap you create your new hair look with 1 of the 5 attachments.

You start by drying with the hair dryer. The hot air curling iron creates voluminous, perfect curls. The round volume curling brush provides the finishing touch. Prefer style? Our soft detangling brush is perfect for that. You can read more about it in our "All about the Airstyler" blog.

What can you do with the 5 in 1 Airstyler?

With the 5 in 1 hair straightener MAE can take you in any direction. The 5 in 1 hair dryer serves as a curling iron, hair dryer, straightener and brush. And that without heat damage!

The 5 attachments have different workings:
- Hair dryer: for super fast (towel) dry hair
- Soft, uncurling brush: for extremely soft and shiny hair
- Round volume brush: styles your hair and provides extra volume
- Airwrap left & right: for the perfect curl!

5 in 1 airstyler

The 5 in 1 hair dryer from MAE is the best airstyler on the current market! The real hair curler without heat.

I want to buy an airstyler: what do I look out for?

Are you looking for a new airstyler but having trouble picking which one? We will gladly help you find the best one! You can find the right 5 in 1 hair styler in MAE's assortment. The hair tool from MAE offers you an alternative to the more expensive variants, so you can transform your hair into the perfect blowout in no time. Time to buy your airstyler 😉

Airstyler vs Fohn brush: what's the difference?

The MAE airstyler has more options compared to a blow-dryer brush. The airstyler 5 in 1 has five attachments to create different hair styles with, where the blow-dryer brush is limited to only 1 headpiece and therefore only 1 hair style.

The difference between the airstyler and a straightener and curling iron is the same here - the tongs have 1 fixed attachment with which to create the desired hairstyle, while with the airstyler the options are endless!

In addition, we go further than most providers by offering our PRO airstyler variant, this one has as many as 9 attachments compared to the regular 5. So even more possibilities!

We compared our Airstyler 5 in 1 to the Dyson Airwrap, you will find this review here.
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