About Us


A young and fast-growing company that strives to provide the best service and quality



Leader in the latest and most sophisticated technologies



Contribute to making affordable luxury products available to every woman

The story

We are MAE®, a young and fast-growing company born from a simple idea at the kitchen table. On a Friday evening in January 2022, I was having dinner with my girlfriend when she suddenly started talking about a hair dryer. She was very impressed with all the possibilities that the device offered, but shocked when she heard what the hair dryer cost. This was when we started thinking: why is this hair dryer so expensive and can't this be cheaper? It seemed impossible to us that this could not be produced more cheaply. So we decided to do further research and eventually start our own brand called MAE®. With the goal of making high-end beauty products available to every woman.

01. The basics

The subtly incorporated classic features are central to the professionalism & quality of the brand. The other mini - malistic & clean lines create a modern and ab - stract whole.

02. unique

The playful touch in the letter A brings out the youthful aspect in the brand without taking the predominance.

03. Final touch

The sloping ends far - soften the sharp edges and reflects the accessible approach to the brand.

Mission & Vision

MAE® offers high-end beauty products, at an affordable price.
Our goal is to make high-end hair products available too.
set for women with small to medium budgets. Every woman
After all, deserves the pleasure of the care his needs.
We are a young company that is always working to make our beauty products
innovate in order to improve the daily routine of women between 15 and 45
year to simplify and take it to the next level.

New Airstyler Pro - now available!

MAE Airstyler Pro - 169.95